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Meet the Speakers

Christiane Schroeter

"5 Steps to Creating a Blueprint for Success in Balancing Self-Care and New Year Resolutions"

Christiane Schroeter started her business as a health and fitness coach in 2013. She has degrees in Foods & Nutrition and a Ph.D. in Health Economics and 20+ years of experience helping clients transform their daily wellness routines. Christiane has worked as a professor for 15+ years and earned multiple national and international teaching and publication awards. Most of her clients find Christiane through her Happy Healthy Hustle Podcast, which is ranked among the TOP 1.5% globally.

Adia Gooden

"Embracing Your Self-Worth as a Mom"

Adia Gooden, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist; she received her BA in Psychology from Stanford University and her PhD in Clinical Community Psychology from DePaul University. Dr. Adia served as a Staff Psychologist and the Coordinator for Multicultural Outreach and Support for the Student Counseling Service at The University of Chicago and the Director of the Clinic and Community Programs at The Family Institute at Northwestern before starting her own business. Dr. Adia is dynamic speaker who gives talks and workshops on unconditional self-worth, imposter syndrome, and Black women’s mental health.

Lori Oberbroeckling

"Strategic Weekly Planning to Find More Time"

Lori Whitney Oberbroeckling is a mom of four, corporate leader and trainer, podcaster, productivity expert, and author of the book Secrets of Supermom: How Extraordinary Moms Succeed at Work and Home & How You Can Too! She is passionate about helping parents who want fulfilling careers–or side hustles or passion projects–while also wanting to feel present and connected to their families.

Kim Hawley

"How to Support Sleep with Littles"

Kim Hawley, MA, MPH, IBCLC is a Holistic Sleep Coach, Lactation Consultant, Peaceful Parenting Educator, and mom. She helps tired parents bring together developmental knowledge, sleep science, and their intuition to improve family sleep. Her specialty is holistic, responsive sleep support for babies, toddlers, and nursing families. Kim lives in Capitol Hill, Washington DC with her husband, 2 kids, guide dog, and cat.

Leslie Danford

"Nourishing Wellness: Empowering Women through Nutrition as Self-Care in the New Year"

Leslie Danford, founder and CEO of Vitaminis, a clean-label functional food and beverage brand. She has always been passionate about nutrition, but she is not a foodie. For her, it's like a math equation, and it's important to cover all of your nutritional bases. In 2020 she combined her personal interests with her formal business training to launch Vitaminis.

Ann McKitrick

"How to Grow as a Mom and Embrace the Stages of Parenting"

Ann McKitrick, MS is the founder of Nurtured Noggins, a comprehensive resource for parents and host of Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast. A frequent conference speaker, she’s a parenting coach and early childhood specialist with 20 years of experience in higher education. Ann also provides online professional development for thousands of child care professionals each year through her online business, Texas Child Care Training.

Andrea Caprio

"From Self-Doubt to Self-Confident Mom: Defeating Self-Sabotage and Embracing Food Freedom"

Andrea Caprio, an expert in emotional eating and a master transformational nutrition coach, developed her Food Freedom Formula to help busy people struggling with cravings and emotional eating lose 20 pounds or more without dramatic changes to their diets or workouts. Andrea's mission is to help others break free from self sabotage, heal their relationship with food and figure out how they want to live life on their own terms.

Erika Cartledge

"Muva Knows Best: Style Isn't Silly and Makes Us Better Moms"

Erika Cartledge, the Founder and CEO of Your Chic is Showing, is a personal stylist and image architect who helps her clients elevate their personal style and build their confidence. Erika has a Certificate of Image Consulting (International Association of Professional Image Consultants) and over a decade of experience, styling and educating hundreds of people. Erika believes that elevated style should be accessible to anyone, anywhere and proudly offers all of her services both in-person and virtually.

Marielle Melling

"Finding Calm and Connection through Emotional Regulation for Parents and Kids"

Marielle Melling has a degree in health education. She is the founder of Lovin' Life with Littles, the author of Peace amidst the Mayhem, and mom of five. Marielle is passionate about simplifying parenting and helping others find more calm, confidence, and joy in their parenting journey.

Regina Hord

"Best Exercises to Do During Pregnancy, Right After and Beyond"

Regina Hord is a mom of 2 boys and several pets, wife to an engineer, and FIT4MOM franchisee since 2012 in Tampa, Florida. She’s a serial entrepreneur and loves building community through fitness. FIT4MOM changed her life and she loves sharing the program with other new moms, while enjoying the flexibility of working at home. Her favorite thing about FIT4MOM is teaching her sons that fitness is fun and doesn't have to be something you dread doing.

Brianna K. Wilkerson

HOST & Presenting

"How to Love, Embrace, and Take Care of Your Mom Bod"

Brianna Wilkerson is a Holistic Health and Life Coach, Brand Partner with Savvi, podcast host, wife and momma, matcha tea lover, at-home crossfitter. She helps ambitious women and mommas prioritize self-care and gain the body confidence, health, and life they are looking for. She also has a passion for women creating an income from home and growing into the leaders they were meant to be.

Ashley Malik

"10 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight With Your Meal Plan (and What to Do About It!)"

Ashley helps corporate moms lose weight with an anti-inflammatory nutrition strategy that is actually family-friendly. After losing 55 lbs (with hypothyroidism), Ashley developed a method to kick-start weight loss for women who have "tried everything, but nothing works". Based on 10+ years of personal experience, research, and endless doctors appointments, her approach guides women to lose weight, gain energy, and optimize their already busy schedule!

Angel Hill

"Wallet Friendly Wellness"

Angel is passionate about helping women balance their hormones. Angel is a Naturopath and Doctor of Natural Medicine. She has worked with 7,000 clients over the last 14 years and is currently bringing her business online to help women all over the country. Her areas of expertise include preconception prep, postpartum renewal, PCOS, and perimenopause.

Claire Ketchum

"The 3 Keys to Making Sustainable Progress Toward Your Feel-Good Weight"

Claire Ketchum is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Transformational Nutrition Coach with a BS in Psychology. She is on a mission to teach a million yo-yo dieters how to uncover and heal what’s really blocking their success and empower them to consistently implement simple lifestyle shifts, so they can finally make sustainable progress toward their feel-good weight and feel happy and confident in their own skin.

Keysa Amaro

"Reduce Your Cravings for Good"

Keysa is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach and RYT 200 yoga instructor. For over five years, Keysa has been helping women manage their cravings without deprivation or complicated meal plans so that they can show up fully in their life and career. She takes the focus off of what you are eating and onto how you are thinking about food to help women create a healthy relationship with food and maintain a healthy weight for good.

Catherine Wilde

"Motherhood & Me-Time: Redefining Self-Care For The Busy Mom"

Catherine Wilde is a mom of three, Founder of Soul Care Mom, and Best Selling Author of Reclaiming Your Inner Sparkle. She is a life coach for moms, a yoga & meditation teacher, and the creator of the transformational membership Vibrant Mom Life. She is passionate about helping women get out of survival mode and release mom guilt so they can truly enjoy motherhood. She believes you can feel calm and find your unshakable confidence as a mom when you first care for yourself.

Sarah Parise

"Mornings For Mom"

Sarah Parise is an experienced ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Wellness Specialist, Yoga Instructor, Business Owner, but most importantly, a Mother. Driven by her passion to help other moms take better care of themselves, she's created a business centered around self-care and prioritizing themselves for just 2% of the day.

Kyira Wackett

"You're Not a Bad Mom: Shifting From Shame-Driven to Shame-Resilient Trhough Grace, Radical Acceptance and Forgiveness"

Kyira Wackett is a licensed mental health therapist specializing in shame and anxiety. She is the owner of Adversity Rising, a company who equips people with the confidence and skills to write their own stories. Her work ranges from one on one coaching to corporate wellness packages with a focus on what she calls the anti-band-aid movement or resisting the quick fix in favor of doing the work necessary to make meaningful and sustainable change.

Tracey Bromley Goodwin

"Lessen the Overwhelm"

Tracey is the co-founder of Navigating ADHD, Inc., the co-recipient of the Mom’s Choice Award, Navigating ADHD: Your Guide to the Flipside of ADHD, the owner of Tracey Bromley Goodwin Coaching, and the creator of Lessen the Overwhelm Society™. Tracey is a Mindset, ADHD, Executive Functioning, and Alcohol Free Living Coach and has been in practice for over 20 years. Tracey is also Reiki I and II certified and believes in a holistic approach to lessening overwhelm and living the life we desire.

Christiane Panesar

"The Truth About Postnatal Depletion, Baby Colic and Eczema"

Christiane specializes in helping mamas conquer depletion so they can become the mother, the lover and the entrepreneur they know to be. She created Postnatal Depletion Recovery to empower mothers who want to catalyze their METAMORPHOSIS from Postnatal Depleted Mama to Radiant Goddess Mama IN WEEKS, not decades.

Joye Jackson

"Embracing Your Fire: A Journey of Purpose"

Joye Jackson, a dynamic orator and life coach, excels in empowering women to embrace their God-given purpose and connect deeply with their passion and power. As the founder of Speaking of Joye and an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author and TEDxAlief speaker, she's a celebrated voice in women's empowerment, coaching, and professional development. With over 20 years in professional speaking and coaching, Joye's expertise lies in guiding women to articulate their values, triumphs, and visions.

Danielle Wiley

"The Magic of Movement Snacks'"

Danielle, a former ballerina turned fitness instructor and educator, has made it her mission to break down barriers and make fitness accessible to everyone.  Danielle's style of training is all about inclusivity, accessibility, and a mindful approach. She teaches her clients how to integrate fitness and wellness practices into their daily lives without it feeling daunting, time-consuming, or unsustainable. Her friendly and non-intimidating training style empowers her clients to understand their bodies better, manage their stress, and achieve real and long-lasting results.

Kaitlin Cuevas

"How to Keep Your Cup Full (and Well-Balanced)!"

Kaitlin is the owner and founder of Think Happy, Co. She's a lover of french roast coffee, Goldendoodles, and pump-up music! She believes happiness is something we each create for ourselves and that YOU are in the driver’s seat of your own life. Outside of work, she's a mom to Eleanor and James, wife to Oakley, and dog-mom to Guppy. Think Happy serves women who struggle with juggling ALL the things and want to create sustainable systems to help them simplify their lives AND allow them time to fill their own cup first.

Michelle Purta

"Child Proofing Your Marriage"

Michelle Purta is a marriage coach, wife, mom of 3 and the host of The Marriage & Motherhood Podcast. She helps couples transform their marriage from co-parenting roommate status to feeling like a couple again by helping them learn how to fight with each other instead of against each other and reignite the spark they had before kids so they can enjoy being married again.

Jordan Schanda King

"Balancing Babies with Business Growth'"

Jordan Schanda King is a serial entrepreneur and expert on all things scaling. Since first diving into entrepreneurship over a decade ago, she has published a book, founded multiple businesses, launched a top 100 podcast, and successfully sold a brand. Most recently, she built a half-million dollar agency in two years, while pregnant and then juggling 2 young toddlers. Jordan’s company, Easy Scaling, combines strategic business consulting with done-for-you execution from a team of more than a dozen experts. Jordan and her team help women scale without burning out so that they can build a sustainable business that they love.

Lisa Kimrey, RN

"Self-Care In the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Categories"

Lisa Kimrey, RN, is a speaker and author of The Self-care Impact: Motivation and Inspiration for Wellness. On Mylifenurse.com, Lisa shares Scripture-based encouragement and how to best care for yourself as you serve and care for others. She has been a registered nurse for over 30 years and finds joy in assisting people in improving their self-care to feel better and serve the Lord in extraordinary ways.

Karen Molano

"Food for Thought: Nourishing the Brain to Elevate Your Mood"

Dr. Karen Molano is a multidimensional psychologist and a leading expert in infant, family, and early childhood development. Her illustrious career, spanning over 20 years, has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of children and their families, integrating various aspects of well-being and development. As the innovative founder of LumiTot, Dr. Molano has established a unique wellness organization for children aged five and under and expecting parents. LumiTot is at the vanguard of combining neuroscience-based parenting strategies with the principles of functional medicine, fostering an environment that unlocks the immense potential of children. This approach not only revolutionizes child development but also empowers parents to evolve into 'Multidimensional Parents.' These parents are equipped with the knowledge and skills to nurture their children’s cognitive, emotional, spiritual, and physical growth in a holistic manner.

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